Joe Rogan and Kratom – What You Should Know

Joe Rogan has dominated the headlines lately. He’s one of the most famous podcasters in the world and seems to be quite opinionated on many topics – even kratom. While Joe Rogan and kratom are two terms you may have never thought you’d hear in the same sentence, it should come as no surprise that this colorful person hasn’t been bashful about his feelings when it comes to kratom, and he brings to light some interesting thoughts on kratom legality in the

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Head Shops Near Me: How to Buy Kratom

Kratom has skyrocketed in popularity across the country, which is why if you’re looking for kratom and Google “head shops near me,” then you’re bound to get a lot of hits. However, there are things to consider about the head shop, local establishment, or even online retailer you ultimately use to fulfill your kratom needs. On top of those considerations, it’s also important to understand the legal issues in your area that can restrict the distribution or selling of kratom.

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Kratom and Delta 8: What You Need to Know

Humans are inherently curious, so when we see something new to us, like kratom and Delta 8, we yearn to know more about it. This is evidenced by the growing popularity of kratom each day across the United States. If you love kratom, then there’s no doubt that you’ve also heard about another product gaining traction called Delta 8. Kratom and Delta 8 are two very distinct products that have different active compounds, but how exactly do they work and

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